Recently, I started playing computer games. Well, I know they are not new to many people here, but, me being a gamer? A cold day in hell. I don’t know if I can call myself a “gamer” now. Because my interests are in minimal games that range between 1-100 MB.


It was inevitable that I should have to switch to some starter GNU/Linux distributions. As there was a situation where I could not have suddenly switched to the Masterrace distros, I started to look into the distro’s software manager and then I found the category called “Games”.


My friends are great gamers, but not me. The reason being I was never raised in the cradle of computers or technology. Another reason is, I just find it wasteful when a lot of GPUs’ energy gets sucked in by high end games. But, here we are today. The open source community makes games where I can read the source code and they are minimal.

It’s not my first time that I have gotten to the nine day wonder of gaming. I used to play some FPS games on my Linux machine, then I used to do the ‘silent quitting’ without regrets. But this time, it’s different.


I found many games (or maybe I exhausted all of them during the research) which are minimal and keep me entertaining during the break. The irony is, a break is metaphorical. Some are really addictive. I don’t want to mention every single one of them here, especially, when you can find some really good ones that are your type.

Final Words

Gaming is addictive. It feels like I’m going into a loop which I don’t realise when I’m in. It’s a focus inside distraction. Hypnotism has never been so real. Hope self-discretion doesn’t turn into indignation, as I can’t afford to lose my new found love!