Art can be faked, but the craft can’t. Well, this is true indeed. Any piece of art ever created is subjective, to make it more cheesy with modern day WhatsApp statuses, “Beauty lies in the eye of a beholder”. Art requires a sufficient amount of psychological operation to convince the value. Some artists are clever, they create on top of their precursors, it’s a safe bet. Some do create something very appealing to the masses, where they can relate themselves with them. This happens because, most of the things that we see around were built upon a system by a small group of people who eventually convinced everyone what’s good for them. Art and historiography are no different.

I remember that Steve Jobs once said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Well, that’s true. A frugal structure as shiny as Venus is not worth of love. With all these perceptions and interpretations, I have come to believe that, programming is a craft rather than an art. It could be romanticized as art, but seldom have some truth to it.

Looking at the history, there wasn’t much emphasis given to craftsman / craftswomen compared to artists. Even it’s true today. Dignity of labor can only be achieved if we pay attention to the work of craftspeople. Some Nordic countries have achieved this to some extent, but it’s an alien concept to many, or it has become hard for large economies to breakout off the complex system that they have created and try something different.

The people who built Taj Mahal are unknown, the people who built Pyramids are unknown. So what have we got? Egos of historians, media, and politicians. Bygones are bygones, but I like it when Linus Torvalds says, “Talk is cheap and show me the code”. With my experience working with lathe machines and garage have always made me think about the precision and accuracy. Scientists do the same, crafts work, some are underrated and some are unsung heroes/heroines.

But there’s also a dichotomy in this craft of someone being better, but I think the competition is healthy as the outcome of competitive craft is a better solution rather than a better subjective perspective, which in my opinion have already been said and told long back, and it keeps on reiterating as an old wine in the new bottle.

With the rapid growth of technology, it has become a bit easier for people from any part of the world to learn and build things by the means of programming. Today, every craftsman/craftswomen is able to get their due credit, who could have their own creativity and own design. All thanks to open source and the culture that has been developed overtime. There are still some issues with psychological operations that go around reputation, but let’s hope it’ll be obsolete as we move forward.

The true ingenuity is when we write our own code. It’s a craft which can give wings to our creativity, artistic biases and solving the problem at hand. The advent of AI would probably solve or make it easier for the concerns that our left part of the brain had. Hopefully we’ll get some time to solve the problems of our right part of the brain. Or will we merge them together?