What about about? I really don’t know. Well, I’m the creator of Osint For All, I have a couple of YouTube channels that I started recently, I created this website, I watch movies/TV shows, I’m on social media, I follow some news, I’m a full stack developer, I use GNU/Linux and rest you can click on other links and figure out.

But, seriously, what about having an about page? Initially I had removed my ABOUT page from this site and after some time I thought I would use this page to blog about MYSELF (subjective based on individual’s perspective).

Maybe for you, your JOB defines you or whatever the supreme work you do or the material things you own defines you, but for me, I can only try to define myself by the end of my life or maybe not. If I wanted my job to define me, I had LinkedIn as a go to website, why would have I bothered to create this PERSONAL website? On the one hand, there’s a privacy issue, on the other hand I do N number of things and I have many things to do in the future, so it would be an injustice if I just conform myself to a job or a particular work or a particular ideologue.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t have a SPECIFIC goal in life or my life is unstable; of course I have a lot of goals in life, but haven’t you seen that motivational quote from social media, “Doing is better than saying”, “Work hard in silence, let the success make noise”; that’s noice.

I think many of you might relate with this modern day phenomenon. Today, we have to be a 10x coder, marketer, activist, woke, hacker, husband/wife/partner, father/mother (or choose not to have a child), liberal, rich, talented, visionary, innovator, conservative, for or against Elon Musk etc., I have seen many people writing all those things on Twitter, recently I also updated few things and only I know what I mean by all those things. Sometimes, I wish I would have been born in the 16th century or something, so that I would have had more headspace and more time to invent and write something original! Or I would have also ended up as a slave, king, potter, artist, poet, singer somewhere, luck matters; in the right place at the right time.

All this mess is because of the complex systems that we have built around us overtime, you can divide yourself politically, debating about if they are good or bad or ugly or out of balance. But the truth in the material world is, you have no other way at this stage. Is this a new thing? Wasn’t there any competition or complexity in the 16th century? Of course, we had all the problems, there could have been no present without history and that’s the reality.

Finding oneself is a lifelong process. We, as an intelligent species (as per our understanding), will possibly create a lot of problems and will also strive to find solutions to those problems and, on the positive side, we’ll also create some good things in the future. And probably, I will also witness all those temporary things in this temporary life.