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Email Investigations – Accessibility And Limitations.

Even in the age of instant messaging apps, email still serves as an ‘official’ medium to communicate between two parties. It’s ironic that electronic mail has not lost its charm till date within the barrage of privacy respecting encrypted chat messengers. Instead, email services nowadays are adapting to the new age norm of privacy and making their products more privacy hardened with encrypted mailboxes or hard to locate data centers and so on.
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Steganographic Tools For Beginners

Hiding in plain sight has many dimensions. Sometimes, whatever you are looking for is before you, but you cannot see it; other times, it’s right before you but you don’t notice. Steganography has been an art since the ancient days used to write hidden messages. It has evolved over the ages, and has changed form for the better. Nowadays we have software to hide and obfuscate messages. In this article, we’ll take a look at some amazing steganographic tools which are tiny yet powerful.
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