Mastodon Verification

Amogh | Oct 10, 2023

Mastodon is a Twitter-like micro-blogging platform. There are a lot of tweaks that you can make on Masto, as it’s free and open-source software. It provides you with a way to verify your websites on the platform in an indie web-style way.

What Does It Mean?

Imagine you have a personal blog or a website, obviously hosted on the web. So it is your online identity.

Now, let’s say, you also have other social media, and generally you would like to provide a link to your personal website or blog in the bio/description. Fair enough. What if someone creates a social media account in your name, with your photo and also with your website link in the bio?

Now how can one be sure of your identity? What if the impersonator tries to harm your reputation by posting something inappropriate or saying something obscene, which could get you in trouble?

So Mastodon provides a way to verify your website or blog with an HTML attribute, rel=me.

How To Do It

When you want to verify your websites on Mastodon, you can do it in two ways:

  1. Using <a>
  2. Using <link>

I’ll show you the second way. It’s much simpler.

An ideal place to add your <link> tag is in the <head> of your root (index.html).

Go to your index.html, inside <head>, you need to add:

<link rel="me" href="https://<your_instance>/@<your_name>”>

Here, rel="me" is important; make sure you don’t miss it.

Save and close it.

Now add your website to the extra fields in preferences; the changes should be reflected soon. My Image

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