Facebook And Midnight Mass

Amogh | Jul 21, 2023

I recently joined Facebook. It’s been some odd 6-7 years ago since I left the platform. The reason for rejoining Facebook is fairly simple - Communities. Well, the social media platform has been around for many years, and their penetration is massive. There are so many old tech, travel, food, entrepreneurship communities thriving on Facebook. Even though I’m not a big fan of doom scrolling, lately I’ve been active in programming communities and I am trying to answer the majority of questions there.

I thought of writing a separate blog on Midnight Mass, but thought that if I used the current title, it would make a great title (pun intended :P) for the blog post.

So if you are wondering what Midnight Mass is, it’s a supernatural horror series directed by Mike Flanagan. As I have watched almost all movies/TV shows of my favourite genre, now I’m exploring the horror genre. As I can’t binge watch long series, I prefer mini series lately.

I absolutely loved the show. The suspense, the faith, the isolation and characters dealing with their own problems and past. I really want to elaborate on that, but I would recommend you watch the show yourself. Nowadays, I’m naturally attracted towards stories that talk about post-apocalyptic scenarios, which is a bit ironic as I used to hate those stories in the past. Maybe I didn’t make an effort to understand their point of view or simply I’m bored and my mind is constantly looking for some dopamine hits.

Whatever it is, the stories of communities that survive or thrive after everything is lost or being back to square one after seeing all the great innovations and riches is something humbling and shows how fragile human lives are, when situations move a bit away from the trajectory.

Living in the moment is the biggest take away for me from the post-apocalypse stories. As aforementioned, I’m testing the waters in the horror genre, especially paranormal horrors excite me. I love watching such movies after midnight, not because I have some bad curiosity, but rather because of my insomnia. Wrapping myself up like a cocoon, getting cosy and enjoying some jump scares is fun. You should really give it a try!

After I watched Midnight Mass, I started reading a bit about Mike Flanagan. Surprisingly, he has made some great horror movies that I have watched and celebrated, such as Oculus and Hush. His style of non-linear approach while telling stories of paranormal entities and the intrigue they make one experience is something that has to be appreciated.

That’s all I wanted to share in this blog. Send me a friend request on Facebook to talk about anything and everything (make sure it’s interesting), so far I’m kinda enjoying the interactivity on the platform. Who knows, one day our invaluable conversation can unravel the mystery of the universe, or atleast find a portal to the underworld. Spooky-Gooky! 👀😨