Get Started With Tmux

Amogh | Sep 17, 2023

In this tutorial, let’s learn some basics of tmux, to get started right away.

What Is Tmux

Tmux is a window multiplexer, which allows you to have multiple terminal sessions within a single terminal window or to detach and reattach sessions.

To install tmux, just type the following command:

sudo apt install tmux (Debian based systems)

sudo pacman -S tmux (Arch based systems)

sudo dnf -y install tmux (Fedora)

After installation, just type tmux to get started.

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  • * - asterisk represents the current window.
  • 0 - window 0.
  • bash - name of the window.

To open a new window pane:

Ctrl+b %

To open a window pane at the bottom:

Ctrl+b "

To move in between panes:

Ctrl+b -> <- (left and right arrows on your keyboard)

To close the panes:


You can also have multiple windows. In order to open a new window,type the following command:

Ctrl+b c

In order to edit a window name, use:

Ctrl+b ,

To switch between windows:

Ctrl+b 0

You can also have multiple sessions in tmux. When you start tmux, you start a tmux session. Sessions help you preserve the current state.

To start a new session, type the following command:

tmux new -s docker

To see what sessions are running or active:

tmux ls

You can also attach or detach sessions.

To attach a session:

tmux attach -t 0

Here, `-t` is target and `0` is the name of the session.

To detach a session:

Ctrl+b d

You can also rename sessions.

tmux rename-session -t 0 git

Here, we are renaming session `0` to `git`.

Finally, if you want to kill sessions, type the following command:

tmux kill-session -t git

Here, `git` is the name of the session.

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